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Access is free for the duration of your 10 day free trial period to Credit Reports Matter, monthly membership fees of £19.95 are charged and collected on a continuous payment authority basis, thereafter until you cancel.

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Credit Reports Matter is a membership programme that gives you unlimited online access to your credit report and score. It also gives you the tools you need to ensure that your credit report is accurate and provides you assistance in the event that you are a victim of ID Theft.

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Why Your Credit Report Matters

Assess Your Financial Health
Your Credit Report is a reflection of all your credit and it changes regularly. Your credit applications as well as the credit you already have show up on this report.

Check What's Important
A Credit Score is calculated from your Credit Report based on the number of different indicators. Lenders use this score as an assessment of your credit worthiness to make credit decisions about you.

Protect Your Credit
Your Credit Report can contain errors which can adversely affect your Score and your ability to get future credit. Monitoring your report enables you to protect your credit and also guard against ID theft and fraud.

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